923 new features of WINDEV 23, WEBDEV 23 and WINDEV Mobile 23

The new version 23 brings you an unbelieva- ble amount of ready-to- use innovations. Since they’ll enjoy develo- ping a lot more, your teams will be even more productive! This new version 23 brings to your teams 923 new features that can be immediately used. Build on your existing experience while taking advantage of new technologies: this is the benefit provided by version 23. By recompiling your applications in ver- sion 23, your applications automati- cally gain new features, speed and quality, and support recent technology evolutions. WINDEV 23, WEBDEV 23 and WINDEV Mobile 23 are your work tools. The overriding objective for our teams is your satisfaction and your success , on all the environments and hardware platforms. This version 23 will soon become your favorite one! ORDER YOUR COPY OF VERSION 23 TODAY! Legend WD WB WM: the legend shows in which product the new feature is available. This documentation only presents the new features of version 23. To discover the thousands of features of each program, please check their individual documentation (online at windev.com or you can request a “paper” version). DE V E LOP 10 T IMES F AST ER