923 new features of WINDEV 23, WEBDEV 23 and WINDEV Mobile 23

3 NEW MAJOR CONTROLS IN VERSION 23 n e w f e a t u r e W D W B W M NEW CONTROL #1: LAYOUT CONTROL: A CONTROL BECOMES INVISIBLE? THE OTHER CONTROLS MOVE In a window, a developer may decide to make an unused control invisible by programming. This leaves a “hole” in the interface. To improve the window layout, the controls found below must be moved. Before version 23, the controls had to be repositioned by pro- gramming. With version 23 and the new Layout control, this repositioning is automatically performed at run time: the controls found below the invisible control move up. The Layout control (also called Stack panel) is a “container” control: it, in itself, contains other controls. Depending on the parameters of the Layout control, the controls found in the Layout control can move vertically or hori- zontally. The Layout control is very useful for the anchors because an- chors do not fill the holes! The Layout control also automatically manages shifting controls toward the bottom when a control is enlarged (see new feature below). The Layout control is available in WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. Benefit provided by this version 23 new feature: Always careful presentation of interfaces: No swiss cheese! 001 3 WINDEV 23 WEBDEV 23 WINDEV Mobile 23 new features A generic address input window. This window lets you type the state or the province ( USA, Canada, ...) The same window for an European country, without the State/Province control. The application made the control invisi- ble, and the controls located below are automatically moved up. There is no “hole” in the interface.