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WDMSG enables you to easily translate a full application (WINDEV, WEBDEV and/or WINDEV Mobile)!

You develop for export? your application must be multilingual?
find out more

Are you sure of the grammar, and the spelling of the messages in your applications?
Are you sure that the syntax of the information messages is correct? find out more...

Are you developing an application whose words, sentences, expressions should be different depending on the profession of the user?
But you only want to have one source code? find out more...

WDINT is included in WDMSG.

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Resources that can benefit from WDMSG:
- Project message
- Message of the project's classes
- Message of the project's reports
- Message of the project's windows
- Window's title
- Control's label
- Control's help message
- Control's tooltip
- Title and text of a control's help window
- Control's content (list,combo box, check box and radio button)
- Label and message of a menu's option
- Messages displayed by the program
- Wait message of a report
- Control characteristics RAD entered in the analysis
- Help system's title
- Help system's copyright
- Keyword index of the help system
- Title and content of a help page
- Error message customized when creating the executable

WDMSG and grammar

How unpleasant to find misspelling, typos, grammar errors or even incomprehensible messages in a software.

How to control the messages or expressions that your developers have entered in their modules: window title, control label, button label, rollover balloon, information message, error message, wait message, title and content of a help page, and so on.

A powerful tool, WDMSG, is the ideal complement to WINDEV and WEBDEV; it insures optimal quality in all the messages displayed by your application.

The principle is simple:
1) extract all the messages, labels, and so on from your project, and export them into a text file
2) check the correctness of the expression found in this file (through a spelling and grammar checker for example)
3) reintegrate the corrected messages in the original project.

Immediate advantage: your developers develop, and one person (not necessarily a computer savvy person) can validate all the text in your application.
You deliver to your clients applications with a better grammar and syntax.

WDMSG and trade terms

What are trade terms?
For example an artisan will talk about an estimate while a consultant will talk about a proposal.

WINDEV and its WDMSG tool can easily manage the notion of trade terms.

The principle for WDMSG is very simple:
1) extract all the messages, labels, and so on from your project, and export them into a text file
2) adapt and input expressions related to trade (entered through a provided tool)
3) reintegrate the trade terms in the original project.
4) in your project, simply add one line of W-Language code to dynamically define the type of trade terms to display for your application depending on the user (up to 20 different sets of trade terms are supported)

WDMSG multilingual support

Projects created with WINDEV and WEBDEV can be multilingual.
In this case, each project message, window, report or control must be translated into the different languages supported.

The translation of a project can be done in different ways:
You can translate as you go the different elements of the project in the "Details" screen of the windows and of the elements you are creating.
This solution is only possible for small applications, and can quickly become cumbersome.

You can use WDMSG.
WDMSG lets you extract all the text and resources that need to be translated from a WINDEV project.
This text and resources will be automatically reintegrated by WDMSG once translated.
The elements from the text file can be:
- translated directly
- translated by a dedicated translation software,
- translated by a translation agency,
- viewed through WDTRAD: translation entry tool provided with WDMSG,
- checked by a spell checker,
- modified to standardize the messages, titles, and so on.

In your initial project, simply add one line of W-Language code to dynamically define the language to display for your application depending on the user (up to 64 different languages are supported)

WDMSG comes with a translation dictionary.
This dictionary contains the translation of the same source into several languages. For example, in the same dictionary, the expression "Close application" can be translated into French, German, Italian, et

When translating with the WDTRAD tool, the dictionary will be automatically explored and translation already existing will be offered: you won't have to re-enter something that is already in the dictionary.
This dictionary can be enriched as you translate text.
WDTRAD lets you import an existing dictionary. This feature enables you to automatically insert already existing translations into the WDTRAD dictionary.

More time saved!

WDINT is included in WDMSG.

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