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"Reports and Queries": Let your users create their own reports and queries!

 Documentation for the "Reports & Queries" software

"Reports and Queries" is a module intended for the end users of applications developed using WINDEV.

"Reports and Queries" can be freely distributed with each one of your WINDEV applications (see the license).

"Reports and Queries" lets end users:
- create their own forms
- create their own queries on the database

End users can also modify the reports created by a developer.
For example, end users can:
- change a logo
- change the position of a label
- etc.

And this
of course, without having to ask the developer (the developer can prevent some modifications deemed too "sensitive" for example).

It's a win/win situation for the developers and the end users!

This "User" version of  "Reports and Queries" has the same features as the WINDEV integrated report editor except for coding, as the modification, addition and deletion commands are not active (WLanguage).
Example of print preview performed by Reports and Queries
Example of print preview performed by "Reports and Queries"

Define a query by drawing it, and see the result
Define a query by drawing it, and see the result

See the price list for the earlier versions of WDETAT User Version