WINDEV Concepts

Part 7: Appendices 199 WD User Groupware Presents the operating mode of User Groupware. WD Using DotNET classes Allows you to use the .NET classes in WLanguage. Used to: • analyze a character string, • configure the dialog boxes displayed. WD Using DOTNET Used to convert a currency into other currencies. The basis of this project (the cEuro class) is used to create a .Net assembly. WD Using sockets Presents the use of sockets in client/server mode. Each socket is handled via a thread. WD WDSETUP Plugin This project contains the elements required to create a setup plugin (or “extension”) for WDSETUP. WD Webservice Client This example illustrates the use of WebServices. WD Webservice Server This example illustrates the use of the WebServices. WD Who is locking Signals to the users of a HFSQL database in network who is locking a record. WD WindowsUpdate This example explains how to manage the updates available on Windows Update. WD Wizard Manages a “Wizard” window. Additional examples can be downloaded from our site ( ).