WINDEV 25 concepts

Part 7: Appendices 199 WD Reports This example presents the different methods for creating a report: • prints based on different data sources (queries, variables, ...). • prints based on controls (Table, Spreadsheet, PVT, ...). • printing composite reports. • specific prints (portrait/landscape, report with watermark, report with bar code, ...). WD Riak WD Riak presents an example for using the Riak database in WLanguage. WD RibbonSearch The “WD RibbonSearch” example proposes a solution to find an element in a Ribbon control from its caption and tooltip. WD SchedulerWithBreak The “WD SchedulerWithBreak” example proposes a solution for managing breaks in a Scheduler control. WD Screen Saver Used to manage a screen saver via the management of timers and Windows events. WD Search Control This example explains how to manage an edit control used to perform “Google” FullText searches in your database. WD Search On Composite Keys Presents the use of filters and the use of composite keys in order to optimize the search times on a HFSQL data file. WD Server trigger This example presents the use of server triggers. WD Service This example presents the creation of a “service” application with WINDEV. WD Sharepoint This example presents the authentication method toward the Webservice as well as the use of the search. WD SharingMemory This example explains how to use the functions for sharing memory. WD Simple OOP Example about the OOP with WINDEV. WD Syntactic Coloring This example proposes a base class used to perform a syntactic coloring on a text. WD SystemAPIs Presents the use of Windows APIs.