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 Product  WINDEV MOBILE 10
 Version  06A100060x
 Date  July 28, 2006

You must own a registered version of WINDEV Mobile 10 US or International before downloading the module proposed on this page.

This version enables you to create deployable applications.
This version contains various updates based on the feedback received on version 06A100050r.

- Looper Control: "Adapt the size" from the control popup menu is used to   automatically resize :    
  - the different looper areas.
  - the looper.

- Duration Table Columns: Ability to perform calculations (sum and average) on    Duration table columns.
- Reports on table: In some cases, the content of Image items was ignored.
- Looper Button: The first mouse click performed on a looper button is now taken into    account.
- Modeling Editor: Ability to link a modeling element to a project element directly    from its description to the "Project" pane.
- Code Brick: In some cases, Drag and Drop performed on a code brick had no effect.
- "?" Menu and User Groupware: In the earlier versions (up to version 100050),    some options of the automatic menu could only be accessed by the supervisor.    These options were:      
      - Optimize the access speed to the database
      - Save the data
      - Save the application
      - Repair the database.
      - By default, if the user is not the supervisor, these options are dimmed.      
      - For a non-supervisor to access these functions, simply modify the rights of the         FI_MenuHWINDEVHelp internal window that contains the popup menu.
- Element Comparator: The element comparator enables you to compare the    different multilingual messages.

- Code Editor: In some cases, the vertical scrollbar could lock.
- Image Catalog: Ability to access the image catalog directly from Code Editor.    Indeed, when entering functions used to handle images (gImage for example),    "<Image Catalog>" is automatically proposed by the assisted input :

- Find/Replace: In some cases, a click performed on an element found during the    search could trigger an error.    

- Assigning a Time variable to a Time item: The seconds and the hundredths
   of second are taken into account according to the item format.    
   For example, if the Time variable corresponds to "HHMMSSMMM":  

Data file item

Value of the item up to version 100050 of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile

Value of the item from version 100050 of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile

String item



Time item in HHMM format



Time item in HHMMSS format



Time item in HHMMSSMM format



- FOR EACH STRING: In loops such as FOR EACH STRING <Sought String> OF    <Initial String>, the browse is not performed if <Initial String> is an empty string.
- ArrayDeleteAll: Ability to delete elements from a two-dimensional array. Only the    rows are deleted. The columns are kept.
- EnumControl: This function now lists the controls found in a looper or in a looper    break.
- NumToString: Rounding errors could occur when using Currency variables.
- ChangeSourceWindow: In some cases, an error could occur when changing an    internal window that uses a HFSQL context different from the one of the current    internal window.
- ComponentInfo: Ability to :      
      - find out the logical name of the component (ciLogicalName).
      - find out whether the component was run when the project was started
- Serialize: Up to version 100050, in some cases, the use of psdXML could generate    an incorrect XML file. The problem mainly occurred with Mobile computers. This    problem has been fixed. An XML file created by a version later than version 100050    cannot be read by a program compiled with an earlier version. To keep the same    operating mode as in version 100050, use psdXML_FormerFormat .
Call to procedures: The call to procedures by ExecuteProcess or in a dynamically    compiled code was optimized.  

- Indexing: Indexing HFSQL data files is faster (up to 30%).
- HCopyFile: Ability to copy the file if it is not found at the specified location on the    destination computer ( HCopyIfNotFound).
- HFileExist: A new syntax enables you to check the existence of a file, query or view    in HFSQL Client/Server.
- HReadFirst: In some cases, when using hNoRefresh, the sort order of records was    not stored.
- HListDatabase: Ability to list the databases associated with a connection as well as    the databases and their files associated with a connection.
- HSavePosition: Ability to save the content of the record in memory (hSaveItems).    This content will be automatically restored by HRestorePosition.
- HTransactionCancel: A new syntax enables you to cancel a transaction linked to a    specific connection.
- HTransactionFree: A new syntax enables you to free a file record.
- HTransactionList: New function used to list the current or interrupted transactions    on the server of the specified connection.  

- Starting fixed tasks and repeated tasks automatically: A task can now be    started automatically at a specific date and time ("Start automatically").
- Reminder window before fixed tasks and repeated tasks: A dialog box displays    before each fixed or repeated task. This dialog box automatically disappears after 20    seconds.
- Reminder window after fixed tasks and repeated tasks: A dialog box displays if    a fixed or repeated task has not been performed  

- Project Description: The interface of the "Group" tab (project description window)    was enhanced.

- SCM Administrator:     
The name of the executable corresponding to the SCM administrator is    WDGDSAdmin.exe.     
 - Ability to:
      - find a file in the SCM database ("Tools .. Find").
      - retrieve a project version ("History" from the name of the project directory).
      - save the SCM database ("Tools .. Administration .. Back up the entire         database").
      - save and clear the SCM history from a specific date ("Tools .. Administration ..         Back up and clear the history").
      - restore a backup of the SCM history ("Tools .. Administration .. Restore a         history backup").
- Opening a project found in SCM: When a project found in SCM is opened for the    first time, the "Email" pane is automaticaly displayed.

WINDEV Mobile:
- Combo Box control in Smartphone mode: In some cases, the application   remained in memory when closing an application that used a Combo Box control in   Smartphone mode.
- Importing WINDEV projects: Errors could occur during the import if the imported   project contained help files.
- Looper Control: In some cases, in Windows CE 5.0, unexpected display effects   could occur on the selected row.

How do I install this version?
1. Download the module below in a directory (select 'Save on disk').
2. Once the module has been downloaded, run the program found in the download directory.
3. Follow the instructions.

   WINDEV Mobile 10
 Ref. 06A100060x
458 MB 

You can also download the WINDEV mobile 10 Concepts manual:
- Right-click the link below and choose 'Save on disk'.

   WINDEV Mobile 10 Concepts  WINDEV-Mobile-10-Concepts-US.pdf
26.15 MB 

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