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To install the example below:
1. Download the selected file (select "Save on Disk").
2. Once completed, run the downloaded file.
3. Click "Update".
4. To open the example in WEBDEV, select: "File .. Open Project"

 SearchEngineComponent  (3.32 MB) July 11, 2006
This file contains the following component:
This example uses the 'SearchEngineComponent' component. The accessible element is a set of procedures ("SearchEngine") required to index the documents and to perform searches
Most of the characteristics of a table's columns are configured in the "Details" tab for each column
- The component documentation is available from "Workshop .. Component .. List of components imported into the project .. Description".
- The project used to view the source code of this component is available from ".examplesSearch EngineSource"
- Each call to a component element is preceded by "// Call to the component".

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