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Welcome to the professional forum for PC SOFT products.

  • WINDEV is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) intended for developing professional applications for the Windows environment.
  • WINDEV Mobile is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) intended for developing professional mobile applications (Pocket PC, Smartphone, PocketPhone,…)
  • WEBDEV is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) intended for developing interactive sites for Intranet or Internet use.

This forum is technically oriented.
The purpose of this forum is for project managers and developers to share their experience with PC SOFT products.
In order to maintain the professional quality of this forum and to prevent any of the pitfalls of the public forums, this forum will be moderated.
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Before asking a question, by respect for the other participants and to keep the professional aspect of this forum, please check that the answer is not found obviously in the product’s online help, or that an example does not already address your request.

Every specified e-mail address must exist.
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PC SOFT may post on this forum to answer questions or provide additional information.
However messages posted on this forum should not be direct questions to PC SOFT. “ Online Ed ” is a PC SOFT employee who is not in the technical support group and who participates from time to time to help or provide directions.
If you want an answer from PC SOFT, you can contact the Free Technical Support or the Sales Department depending on the nature of your question.

Messages from PC SOFT Technical Support called “ Did you know ? ”

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