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  • You develop strategic applications?
  • You want personalized, extended support?
  • You know that looking for solutions for hours is not cost effective
  • for your employer?

Our "Direct Assistance" service is meant for you!
A personalized assistance service for PC SOFT products, the "Direct Assistance" service allows you to connect exactly with the information you need

How it works

You sign up for a subscription to Direct Assistance and set a time credit.
Your dedicated contact is assigned.
Each of your email inquiry is processed by your dedicated contact.
The time taken to answer each of your inquiries is added up.
You use your subscription on an as-needed basis, at your own pace.
There are 3, 4, 6, 10, 30 and 60 hour packages.

In what case should you subscribe to Direct Assistance?

First if you want a cost-effective and efficient service, and especially if you fall in any of the following cases:

  • Team of 3 or more developers
  • 100 or more copies of your project in distribution
  • Revenue generated from your project is greater than $100,000
  • Number of end users greater than 100
  • Strategic project
  • You want extensive, priority support
  • You don't like to wait

Direct Assistance allows you to customize your relationship with PC SOFT technical support engineers, addressing broader, more complex and more specific technical topics than those covered by the free technical support.
Do not delay and ask for a sample subscription contract to our commercial service!

An efficient complement to the Free Technical Support

Direct Assistance lets you personalize your relationship with the PC SOFT technical support engineers, talk about wider technical subjects, more complex and more specific that what you can discuss in a regular free technical support call.
Don't wait and request a sample subscription contract for your review from our sales department!

Here are some examples of tasks performed by Direct Assistance any question on PC SOFT products of course
  • write a subroutine (code, component, Web service, ...) based on specified requirements
  • Look for a bug in provided source code
  • advice provided on submitted code
  • process optimization
  • advice on the network installation of an application
  • details on an API
  • installation of a Web server

«Direct Assistance» / «Free Technical Support»

DA: Direct Assistance | FTS: Free Technical Support

Response to a specific isolated problem Yes Yes
Response to a non-isolated problem Yes No
Storing the history of contacts Yes Yes
Checking the hardware configuration Yes No
Taking control remotely Yes No
Help for installing the Web server Yes No
Checking a code containing less than 30 lines Yes Yes
Checking a code containing more than 30 lines Yes No
Searching for bugs in a program Yes No
Question about Windows API Yes No
Tracking your development Yes No
Analysis and program audit Yes No
Tips for writing code Yes Yes
Help for writing code Yes No
Optimizing your code Yes No
Same interlocutor at each contact Yes No
Transfer of file, DLL, ... with your interlocutor Yes No
Access within 16 business hours Yes No
Application storage (upon request) Yes No

Direct Assistance is a very cost-efficient service and you'll soon won't be able to do without it! Click here to see the price list