Integrated software for developing cross-platform applications    Integrated software for developing cross-platform applications
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WINDEV Mobile 19

WINDEV Mobile: developing applications for Tablets and Smartphones (Windows 8 RT, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android, iOS iPhone/iPad) becomes easy and fast.

Easily develop mobile applications for:
Pocket PC, SmartPhone, PocketPhone, Industrial terminal, Tablet, Netbook...
Easily develop mobile applications for: Pocket PC, SmartPhone, PocketPhone, Industrial terminal, Tablet, Netbook...

 WINDEV Mobile
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Discover the statements of project managers and company executives
Discover the statements of project managers and company executives: Bridgestone, Vendome Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb.

By developing 10 times faster with a totally integrated environment, your teams can reach the objectives that have been set for them: timelines and budgets are respected.
WINDEV Mobile is an Integrated Development Environment available for Pocket PC, SmartPhone, PocketPhone, Industrial terminal...
WINDEV Mobile is compatible with WinDev

*Technical Support: 15 free inquiries regarding the version currently shipping

Free Technical Support, only the cost of the phone call is yours.

 New Features
The version 19 includes 919 new features that can be used immediately.

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WINDEV Mobile comes standard, with these modules:
IDE & ALM suite for Pocket PC, Case tool, Smartphone and industrial terminals, manages the entire application lifecycle
Free Technical Support *
Free deployment, including the database
Compatible with WINDEV and WEBDEV
Integrated environment
Create freely distributable .EXEs
The code created is managed and secured
“RAD” specific to Pocket PC and SmartPhone
Control centers
Analysis generator (UML, Merise)
Documentation generator (analysis, program)
Trade component generator
Integrated HFSQL Mobile database (freely distributable)
Support for CEDB databases (read, write)
SQL query generator
GUI generator, adapted to the screen size
WEBDEV and WINDEV compatible 5GL language
Code editor with instant help
SMS reader
Chart generator
Application translation (64 languages)
Open to Internet
Infrared link
Interface with ActiveSync
Image management (BMP, etc.)
Version management
Specific setup program generator (MSI, etc.)
One week tutorial (may only take one day if you are already familiar with WINDEV)

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WINDEV Mobile seminar

WINDEV Mobile seminar