Integrated software for developing cross-platform applications    Integrated software for developing cross-platform applications
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WINDEV a powerful IDE & ALM suite, lets you build strategic projects easily and quickly

WINDEV is a remarkable tool for reducing costs and development times while improving features, performance and reliability.
Today, management is asking for more results on smaller investments. They demand performances that can be measured in terms of improved efficiency, delivery time, and cost effectiveness.
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WINDEV is the best solution for reaching these objectives either on distributed architecture, or with client server, network, local, or light client environments.

By developing 10 times faster with a totally integrated environment, your teams can reach the objectives that have been set for them: timelines and budgets are respected.
WINDEV  lets you easily develop new shared applications (through Windows, the Internet, the Intranet) that increase the responsiveness and the rentability of companies.
 is a CASE tool that is totally integrated from conception to maintenance: this makes development easier and more reliable.
With WINDEV easily use Web services: .NET, J2EE
automatically generates PDF reports, with bar codes, background, etc.
is a CASE tool completely open to third-party 3GL and 4GL languages: Java, C++, C#, VB, Cobol, Fortran, etc.
  is a CASE tool totally open to databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, AS/400, Access, etc.
is a CASE tool totally open to interoperability: XML, J2EE, .NET, components, Word, Excel, Palm, ActiveX,TWAIN, Sockets, DLL...
is the ideal environment to quickly develop powerful and reliable applications for any field, with an immediate ROI (quick training, no royalty, freely distributable unlimited databases, free Technical Support, etc.): Management (CRM, ERP, EAI, EDI, VPC, KM, GRH, ...), Industrial, Automation, Education, Multimedia, Medical, Space, Finance, ...

Free Technical Support, only the cost of the phone call is yours.

Download WINDEV Express
(free - no time limits)
  WINDEV comes standard with these modules:

Integrated environment (IDE & ALM suite)
32-bit and 64-bit support
Free Technical Support
Free deployment
Create secure .EXE, J2EE Web Services and .NET applications
Real-RAD: Complete application generator
AAA (Automatic Application Architecture): create your own custom RAD for your teams
Free option: Java RAD
HFSQL, integrated Client/Server databases in Windows and Linux (free distribution)
Third-party databases: Oracle, AS/400, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Access, xBase...
Native XML
Control center for databases and deployed applications
UML analysis center, Merise; code generated from the analysis, reverse engineer legacy
Analysis and programming documentation through reverse engineering
Trade components
Visual SQL generator
Automatic UI creation, with automatic style guide
5th generation language (5GL), eliminate 90% of the code
Open to 3GL and 4GL: C++, C#, Java, VB, Cobol...
Import Access and VB applications
Intelligent code editor with instant testing
Performance optimization center
Up to 64 different languages per application
Report generator (PDF, pre-printed form, bar codes,...)
CHM help generator
Integrated Internet access (page analysis...)
UMC (User Macro Code): the end users can add their macros to their applications
AAF (Automatic Application Features): automatic export menu for the end user: export to Word, Excel, XML, PDF, 3D graphic... automatic e-mail sending, PDF creation
RS 232 serial link
TAPI telephony
Multimedia (image, sound, video)
Version manager
Installation management center, automatic management of deployed applications
Automatic scenario test center
More than 200 detailed examples
Self train in 1 week (manual provided)

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