Cross-platform application development software suite Integrated software for developing cross-platform applications


Single code and windows for all the platforms CAPITALIZE ON YOUR EXISTING CODE THE SAME SOURCE APPLICATION, RECOMPILED FOR DIFFERENT PLATFORMS (SOME EXAMPLES) : WINDOWS APPLICATION, JAVA APPLICATION, LINUX APPLICATION, Site with LINUX server with WEBDEV, PHP site with UWP application WEBDEV, Site on Mobile with WEBDEV, Application on Smartphone and Tablet with WINDEV Mobile, UWP application Windows, Linux, Java? Recompile!

WINDEV creates application intended to run on Windows, Linux and Mac.
WEBDEV recompiles them to run on the Internet or Intranet.
WINDEV Mobile recompiles them so they run on tablets or smartphones...
All these applications can run in the cloud.
multi-target Windows development (all versions), .Net, Linux, Mac, Internet, Intranet, Tablet, Smartphone, Terminal, Windows or Linux server... is a lot easier thanks to the compatibility between the versions of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile.
You use the same project, the same code, the same objects and the same elements...

Develop your applications 10 times faster with WINDEV.
Create 32-bit & 64-bit Windows & UWP applications.
WINDEV allows you to create sophisticated and robust Windows applications, that automatically come with rich, secure and userfriendly interfaces.

WINDEV lets you create native Java applications. Simply ask WINDEV to generate the Java code for your project.
WINDEV creates a Java archive (.JAR) directly executable on any platform.
Over 1,000 WLanguage functions are already supported in Java.

WINDEV lets you create native Linux applications.
With WINDEV, without knowing Linux, you create sophisticated and robust Linux applications.
Over 1,600 WLanguage functions are available on Linux.

Simply recompiling an application when changing target gives you a competitive advantage.
It guarantees your future and your ability to respond to changes.

Several automatic features are available.

Portable code and objects (including for Web browser and Mobile code).