WINDEV: All-in-one development tool
The WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile environments are compatible and share project elements. It has never been easier to build multi-target applications.
Documentation overview:
New Features (76 pages)
WinDev Online Brochure
WinDev Overview
Decision maker information (2 p)
Your applications are portable (1 p)
If you’re in a hurry... (4 p)
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Universal data access (1 p)
Multi-platform development (1 p)

Technical videos

They are using WINDEV:

 Test beds at John Deere: an engine named WinDev
Playmobil France: every day's Christmas with WinDev & WebDev!
WinDev & WebDev: a driving force for Porsche France SA
Quiksilver: surfing on WinDev

Discover what project managers and executives have to say:
Porsche: WinDev & WebDev: a driving force for Porsche France SA (PDF)
Clarins: Clarins Switzerland: WinDev takes care of its export (PDF)
Smart: WinDev: it’s SMART! (PDF)
Bristol-Myers Squibb: New remedy at Bristol-Myers Squibb: WinDev Mobile (PDF)
John Deere: Test beds at John Deere: an engine named WinDev (PDF)
Quiksilver: Quiksilver: surfing on WinDev (PDF)
TAG Aviation: At TAG Aviation, PDAs take off with WinDev Mobile (PDF)
Handicap International: WinDev inside Handicap International’s stockings (PDF)
Zambon Laboratories: WinDev & WebDev: improving productivity within Zambon Laboratories (PDF)
EuroNews: WinDev: live 24/7 on EuroNews (PDF)
Playmobil: Playmobil France: every day’s Christmas with WinDev & WebDev! (PDF)
Segafredo Zenatti: WinDev & Segafredo Zenatti Help in making express decisions! (PDF)
WWF: WinDev’s helping hand for WWF (PDF)
Ferrero: Ferrero’s sales forces are savouring WinDev (PDF)
Bridgestone Metifiot: WinDev Mobile pumps up Bridgestone-Metifiot sales (PDF)
Shell: Shell: WinDev fuelling development! (PDF)
Vinci Park: Vinci Park France manages its revenues with WebDev (450 parking lots) (PDF)
Eidetik: In Tennessee, WINDEV and WEBDEV put to work in healthcare for adults and children (PDF)
PropertyBoss Solutions: PropertyBoss (South Carolina) counts on WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile (PDF)
Soft Design Consulting: WEBDEV contributing to safety in the workplace (PDF)
CleanEZ Technologies: WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile cleaning up in New York City (PDF)

WINDEV at Porsche

This interview was filmed at the Paris Motor Show.
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Testimonials: Discover the experience of project managers and company executives: John Deere, Porsche, Shell, Playmobil, [ more ]

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